how much does a cockatoo parrot cost?

Let me guess you just went to the pet shop and you saw a majestic creature that we call Cockatoo. You were shocked By its colourful wings, its striking beak, and its impressive vocal ability. After spending some time with this fantastic colourful bird have Did you look forward to having your Cockatoo at home? Well, before buying this beautiful Cockatoo bird, Let’s see what exactly you’re You are getting yourself into.

The price of a Cockatoos varies depending on the breeds. The initial cost (purchase price) ranges from a few tens of euros to several thousand euros. Added to this are the ongoing costs for the welfare of the animal.


Cockatoos buy guides
Cockatoos buy guides


How can i purchase Cockatoo?

Loris, cockatoos, macaws are the large family of parrots comes in nearly 350 distinct species. Known for their fairly massive hooked beak and they’re very pronounced colours, these birds of the order Psittaciformes make excellent pets. Of all the specimens, the Cockatoo parrot is the most successful.

Cockatoo is recognised as being the best-selling bird in my countries, and it is also registered as being the best speaker of all species of parrots combined! However, if the parrots of the African Gray type turn out to be the easiest to breed compared to other species, the cockatoo remains a relatively “difficult” specimen. Thus, some details should be taken into serious consideration before buying cockatoo.


Buy cockatoo
Cockatoo in Jungle

How you can rise Cockatoo?

After buying Cockatoo pair or chick now this is one of the most important thing to know how you can rise a Cockatoo?

Raising the Cockatoo is not that easy; you have to do financial commitment, and you have to give a lot of time. You need to make a budget for the Cockatoo that how much you well consume on his food and other things.

Long-term factors to consider before buying cockatoo

If the intelligence and the multiple capacities available to the cockatoos, never cease to conquer the hearts of lovers of originality, certain factors must be studied. closely to definitively decide on the bird:

  1. The purchase price depending on how the specimen was raised
  2. The cost of the animal’s living arrangement
  3. The food budget to be planned over several decades
  4. Caring for an animal considered special

Once all this data has been reconsidered, you can then establish a more precise budget on what the bird could cost you in the long run.

Pricing of Cockatoo
Pricing of Cockatoo

Cockatoo bird price: $ 800 to $ 3,000

Although the Cockatoo is a popular pet , raising it will not be a snap. Making a cockatoo a family member and a friend needs alot of experience . large cockatoos are very higher in price it will cost you thousand to dollar while small cockatoos are less expansive. it depends upon mutation and its different species.

  • Red-crested Cockatoo
  • Sulphurous crested cockatoo parrot
  • Black palm cockatoo
  • Umbrella cockatoo bird
  • Moluccan Cockatoo

These are the complete details about buying and pricing of cockatoo’s parrots.

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